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At, we’re excited to introduce our Request Section! Please Leave a Comment for your favorite game. Your Requested game will be added to our site within 24 hours. Remember to include the proper game title. Before requesting Torrent Games visit: Crotorrents Games


  1. hey crotorrents your games are awsome. It would be nice if you uploaded Watch dogs Legion and complete the series

  2. hey crotorrents its me again, i finished the game which you uploaded after i requested. It was so grateful of you.I have a desire of playing Last of Us Part 1 remastered would you please upload that too.Thank You in return

  3. Hey CroTorrents you are the best in uploading the games. Appreciate your work from the heart. And can you please upload Assassins Creed: Rogue REMASTERED

  4. Hey Cro ! Im looking for Cities Skylines i prefer the older one to the new one you got on the site 😀 could you add ? Thanks

  5. Hey cro! good job on ur links and games all 100% working and complete. can i request for infamous second son?, or infamous 2 or atleast the last of us part II

    1. thank you for your good words. all your requested games are ps4 exclusive, they are not available for PC yet. If they released for PC we will upload it for you, thank you

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