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Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent is a strategy RPG game from the MICA Team that was released in March 2024. The remake of their 2013 title, Codename: Bakery Girl, is a new version of the old game that will give veterans and beginners alike an upgrade. In Reverse Collapse which is set within the Girls’ Frontline universe, players take part in a tactical adventure where they are presented with a unique blend of both sci-fi and espionage themes.


Reverse Collapse displays turn-based strategic combat that requires players to assemble character squads for grid-based battles. Each character has different skills and weapon proficiencies, thereby necessitating strategic choices while fighting. Some of the game’s new mechanics in comparison to the original include more equipment options as well as vast consumable items selection. This enriches its tactical playability and enables users to tackle problems with multiple tactics.

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent


This story takes place three decades after the creation of Girls’ Frontline. Mendo embarks on a secret mission in the North Caucasus region. However, this mission was interrupted by an unexpected ambush from the Union of Rossatrism Nations Coalitions (URNC). But then there comes into play a silver-haired girl known by the code name “Jefuty”, who changes everything. As Mendo and Jefuty follow their adventure further, they uncover an international conspiracy that forces them to confront some powerful enemies who have been hiding behind Jefuty’s mysterious powers.

Game Modes

Apart from the main story campaign, Reverse Collapse expands its gameplay content with other modes meant for testing player’s tactical acumen such as:

  • Challenge Missions: Special scenarios with unique objectives and increased difficulty are meant to push you hard enough to max your squads.
  • Skirmish Mode: Standalone battles where players can experiment with different squad compositions and tactics against varied enemy forces.
  • Resource Raids: Missions focused on gathering resources for character and equipment upgrades, essential for progression.

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent

Graphics and Sound

In comparison with the original version of Codename: Bakery Girl, its remake has made enormous progress in terms of visuals. The environments are more detailed, character models are better defined, and combat animations have become smoother. The art style still boasts that unique mixture of Anime aesthetics with science fiction portraying a visually stunning atmosphere. The soundtracks accompanying the game include a blend of atmospheric tracks that increase tension during battles as well as calm tunes that play when you are exploring or watching cut scenes.


Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent is a strategy RPG that breathes life back into Codename: Bakery Girl for today’s generation. The strategic turn-based gameplay is as enjoyable as ever but presents improved narrative depth and gameplay mechanics which will be new to returning players also. Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery has an enticing storyline, various gaming options, attractive graphics plus awesome sound production all intertwined together. This makes it not only an interesting strategy RPG but also something that fans of Girls’ Fronlineverse will appreciate as well as those trying out this form of entertainment for the first time.

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent

Reverse Collapse Code Name Bakery Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 11 GB available space

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