Instruments of Destruction Torrent

Instruments of Destruction Torrent

If you have an insatiable urge to destroy buildings virtually, Instruments of Destruction is what you should be looking at.  This physics-based demolition derby of a game puts the player in charge of ludicrous vehicles tasked with turning painstakingly designed environments into dust.


The core gameplay on which Instruments of Destruction relies is destruction.  Players control a range of crazy vehicles, including rocket-powered shovels and missile-firing robots, across missions that are set out with clear objectives: destroy everything in sight!  The game involves fully interactive physics allowing players to burst through walls, disintegrate structures brick by brick, and stare at the beautiful chaotic chain reaction as buildings fall upon themselves.  It’s impossible not to cherish the delight coming from a perfectly targeted wrecking ball shot or well-timed deployment of a rocket barrage.

Besides this reckless destruction, however, there is also some surprising depth to the game.  Each vehicle has its own strong and weak points so different approaches will be required depending on the situation.   A heavy tank might best suit brute force demolition while the lighter flying machine can attack more delicately at weak points.   This strategic element provides for many chances to replay because players always experiment with different vehicles trying to find their most destructive ones.

Instruments of Destruction Torrent


Instruments of Destruction has a very light story behind it.  In it, gamers play as test pilots working for Sharpe Industries; a company that is specialized in (what else?) destruction machinery. The narrative serves as a loose framework for the missions with each destination representing a new location around the world where they can test drive the latest products manufactured by Sharpe Industries Inc.. Though forgettable in itself, this storyline adequately sets up a real star: destruction.

Game Modes

Different people like different things; therefore this game contains several modes suiting all tastes.  Campaign mode takes gamers through various levels that get harder every time they finish one objective such as the destruction of specific targets, or completing a mission with more emphasis on the total amount of destruction caused.  Sandbox mode is for those who like to be able to explore freely; this means that they can be as wild as they want without any restrictions.

What’s more, the game has a level editor feature that lets gamers come up with their levels for destruction.  This greatly enhances its replay value and makes it feel like there are countless environments to conquer.

Instruments of Destruction Torrent

Graphics & Sound

While not pushing the boundaries of photorealism, Instruments of Destruction is graphically characterized by a unique style that suits its frenzied gameplay. The painstakingly designed worlds are a joy to destroy piece by piece, from vast cityscapes to sprawling industrial complexes. But the real beauty here lies in the physics behind destruction. Seeing concrete crumple, wood shatter or entire buildings fall in satisfying showers of debris is an ever-satisfying sight.

The soundscape perfectly complements the game’s visuals. The sound effects accompanying engine revs, collapsing structures, and falls look so real that players cannot distinguish these noises from reality.


Instruments of Destruction is a love poem to the art of electronic destruction. The game, controlled instinctively, with various vehicles and several game modes brings forth an addictive and curiously intellectual gameplay loop. Though the narrative gives way, the delight of carefully smashing diligently designed level designs to pieces more than satisfies players for many hours. If you have ever daydreamed about driving a giant wrecking ball or throwing a massive amount of missiles from an artificial monster like this, Instruments of Destruction might be what you are looking for.

Instruments of Destruction Torrent

Instruments of Destruction Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 4-core 1.5+GHz processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics card with 2GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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