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Immortal Mantis Revenge Torrent


Immortal Mantis Revenge Torrent which was released on February 11 2024 is a horror game designed for solo players. Developed and published by Bitlife the game immerses players in a narrative where the lines, between puzzles and a dual-perspective story blur. We find ourselves in a world where the killer called Mantis roams freely committing heinous crimes without consequence. However, our protagonist Sergei, who happens to be Mantiss’s adopted brother and a detective is assigned the task of thwarting Mantiss’s objectives. Having personally delved into the mysteries of this haunting adventure I am here to share my experience and insights.

Immortal Mantis Revenge Torrent


The storyline of this game is truly captivating. Manages to strike a stability between complexity and intrigue. It takes us on a ride via Fuyuki’s childhood and his unsettling pact with an entity regarded as “Father.” This pact transforms Fuyuki into none different than the serial killer named Mantis. With immortality bestowed upon him via this alliance, Mantis embarks on a route pushed using reasons that go away in the back of an unsettling path of terror.

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Sergei finds himself caught up in a race against time as he assumes his role as both detective and Mantiss’s adopted brother. His mission is clear – to put a quit to Mantiss’s reign of darkness and discover the motivations at the back of his brother’s actions. “Immortal Mantis; Revenge” affords gamers with an exploration of subject matters such, as household bonds, revenge, and simply how some distance one is inclined to go to attain their very own goals.


Immortal Mantis Revenge Torrent Download gives a gaming ride founded around puzzle solving, stealth maneuvers, and severe pursuit sequences. Players should matter on their questioning and foxy to development via the recreation whilst having the probability to discover the story from each Sergei’s and Mantiss’s views. The game encourages thinking as each decision made throughout the journey can lead to endings. The inclusion of a mode, where players can embody the masked serial killer adds an exhilarating layer, to the gameplay making every choice crucial in shaping the unfolding narrative.

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Graphics & Sounds

The images in “Immortal Mantis; Revenge” are meticulously crafted with pixel artwork developing an atmospheric surroundings that flawlessly enhances its horror theme. The use of rotoscoping for cutscenes affords an established contact that enhances the storytelling experience. Moreover, the sound layout is equally impressive, with a haunting soundtrack and timed sound consequences that heighten anxiety and concern as sports lovers delve into this world. The mixture of visuals and audio successfully transports gamers into the realm of “Immortal Mantis; Revenge.

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Immortal Mantis Revenge PC Torrent Download stands out as a horror sport that expertly blends puzzle-solving mechanics with fascinating storytelling and atmospheric gameplay. With its fascinating storyline, difficult puzzles, and immersive gameplay mechanics “Immortal Mantis; Revenge” is a must-play for horror-style lovers and those who recognize games, with narratives. Whether you are unraveling the clues to halt Mantiss’s reign of terror or embracing the darkness as the killer your self this sport gives a fulfilling trip that will preserve you on the aspect of your seat. It’s greater than a game; it is an experience into the depths of darkness, the area every desire holds the potential, for salvation or downfall.

Immortal Mantis Revenge Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or any later version
  • Processor: i3+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 807 MB available space

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