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Death From Above Torrent


Death From Above Torrent was released on February 22, 2024. This game, created by Rockodile and published by Lesser Evil allows you to step into the shoes of a military drone operator amidst the conflict, with occupation forces. It offers a mix of simulation and action where strategy and accuracy are key in carrying out missions deep within enemy territory.

Death From Above Torrent


In “Death From Above Torrent Download” you assume the role of an operator entrusted with tasks. Set against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine your objective is to utilize your drone to engage with the occupying forces. Your assignments involve taking down tanks and armored vehicles disrupting communication channels and recovering stolen resources. The narrative not only plunges you into combat scenarios but also shines a light on the resilience and challenges faced by Ukrainian forces.

Death From Above Screenshot 1


The gameplay experience in “Death From Above” is both thrilling and strategic. Players must guide their drones through landscapes identifying and neutralizing targets with precision. The recreation underscores the significance of maneuvers, in drone combat necessitating gamers to meticulously diagram their moves to keep away from detection and ensure mission success.

Death From Above Screenshot 2

One standout component of the sport is the alternative to change between drone roles, such, as an operator’s point of view and a first individual view (FPV), for heightened fight experiences. Every mission comes with its barriers ranging from demining duties to intercepting enemy convoys, the place every go consists of significance.

Graphics & Sounds

“Death From Above” provides a lifelike gaming experience, with its graphics and sound design. The game’s visuals intricately depict the landscape amid conflict while the drones and military equipment are realistically portrayed to enhance the simulation’s authenticity.

Death From Above Screenshot 3

The audio effects in the game complement the elements by capturing the intensity of drone warfare. Additionally, the soundtrack adds depth to the gameplay reflecting both the seriousness of the conflict and the bravery of forces.


In summary “Death From Above PC Torrent Download” transcends being a game; it serves as a simulation that sheds light on modern-day war dynamics via drone technology. With its gameplay realistic visuals and engaging storyline it offers a perspective on Ukraine’s conflict. Beyond entertainment, this game educates players on challenges and technological advancements in warfare. It should strive for these intrigues using simulations or searching for insights into technology roles, in existing day conflicts.

Death From Above Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: i3-6100 / i5-2500
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 950
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 7 GB available space

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